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How to make corporate events, Awards nights, Gala Evenings and conferences stand out with sustainable edible flower arrangements.
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Edible, decorative flower arrangements

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Lettuce Flowers create beautiful floral arrangements for corporate events. Whether you’re planning an awards ceremony, product launch, a gala evening or a conference, we can provide the perfect flowers that can make your event stand out.

Instead of using cut flowers, we at Lettuce Flowers use whole plants that go on growing long after your event. Using edible flowers, herbs and salad leaves, our displays are eye-catching, fragrant and sustainable. The plants we use are sourced in the UK and make wonderful gifts for your guests, reducing your event waste and providing a long-term reminder of your event. Each display can be individually designed to complement your menu, theme and colour scheme.

Have a look at our gallery to see how we have created perfect event displays and get in touch for a complimentary consultation for your event flowers.