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How do you make your business get noticed?

BITC Gala July 2015

How does one get new clients? In 2015, while Lettuce Flowers was being presented a Certificate of Reaccreditation for “Sustainable products and Services” at BITC’s South East event, it seems that one person in the audience was paying full attention to the details of our business practices. This person was Maeve Chappell, Programme Manager for National Grid.

We were not aware of her taking notes at the time, but when received an email from the event organiser for the July Gala at Royal Albert Hall, we were thrilled to be chosen to supply the table arrangements. We were able to provide edible arrangements for the night and we found an amazing supplier with edible orchids on their stems amongst the light on the tables provided by Table Art. It was a superb venue to be in and we were very chuffed to be asked to supply for such a prestigious event. The images in the gallery speak for themselves.

It just goes to show, you have to keep plugging away and you never know when someone somewhere is paying attention to your story. Keep true to your belief and do not be swayed by mass appeal. Have a read why Maeve Chappell picked us from the crowd.


Could plants benefit workplace?

Benefits of plants at work

Benefits of plants at work

Watching walkers passing by our front door and seeing them stop quite randomly to look at the tiny square patch of a front garden with their faces lit up, while pointing at various plants. This made us think and question if plants had a positive effect on people working in closed buildings and offices.  Yes, we are lucky to work with plants and are surrounded with greenery, but not everyone shares the same environment.

A great study carried by Dr. Chris Knight from Exeter University, showed that productivity improved amongst coworkers with plants by 15%. Here is an in depth source from Dr. Charlie Hall’s long list of reports, and it directs you to fascinating studies by a collection of organisations. Amongst the list,  they noticed that concentration doubled in offices with ornamental plants, compared to the same settings without any pants. Both had similar tasks and time scales with identical breaks.

Would you like to help improve productivity and reduce stress in your workplace? It would be an investment worth for most employers to have happier and possibly healthier employees. The list of benefits of plants on people is quite long and we will explore it more through the coming months. If you sign up for our updates, we will send you little nuggets of plant related information once a month. Meanwhile, why not try our edible arrangements for your meetings and conferences to double the concentration rate and have a truly engaging experience for your participants?


Contacts at Awards

Contacts at Awards

It is always a wonderful surprise when contacts you make at various networking events, award ceremonies, trade shows and conferences get in touch with you after a few months. This was such a contact I had come across at the Sustainable City Awards 2013 in March 2014 at Mansion House. Initially I did not recognise the name of the sender,but the email address made perfect sense.

The event team wanted to replicate something that they had quite successfully done the year before. This time it was with Lettuce Flowers arrangements. In short, they wanted multiple small arrangements for their 6ft round tables. The usual head searching was followed by visit to the supplier nursery as the time between the email and order delivery was short. Thankfully both suppliers came up trumps and and all I had to do, is hope we got a lot of winter sunny days so that flowers would open up and look at their best.

This is such a classical looking venue that the arrangements needed to be simple and reflect the corporate look for this super lunch event at the same time. Putting a short enough recipe suggestion with the arrangements was fun. But the best part was seeing the faces of the events team light up, when the carrier boxes were taken up. Without exception they all were keen to smell the arrangements. The testimonial says it all.

Have a look at the images from the event, I think you will agree that the multiple arrangements worked a treat per table. Our best suggestion is that if you give us more time to plan your arrangements, we can even grow them to order. Now is the time to plan your summer and autumn events, so that we can provide you with unusually compact plants with chillies and tomatoes. Who knows, we could easily plant your arrabbiatta sauce ingredients this month in one container!

Grower Award 2014

Environmental Initiative Award is a ‘Privilege’ For a Home-Grown Business

West Sussex County Times – March 13th 2014

A Billingshurst business which creates edible floral arrangements is celebrating winning a UK Grower Award this week.

Lettuce Flowers, which creates beautiful edible floral arrangements for corporate events and conferences, won Best Environmental Initiative at an award ceremony last Tuesday March 4th.


Simple Events

The Sustainable Events Summit

It is very easy to use certain kind of language for marketing purposes, but very difficult to explain your principles of pursuit. If you make it complicated, then customers get confused. Do we call it art of communication or should we rely on RSS? Event organizers and Venu hire managers are bombarded with what should be done and what is available. Would it not be great, if there was simple portal for event planers to access and find exactly what they want, but only suppliers who have some credible supply chain, good practice of waste reduction and recovery, are listed? While we wait for a UK based portal to appear, there are some very simple steps to make an event sustainable (long word for a common sense approach).

Step 1) Do not be afraid to ask questions about where and how your food, drinks, displays, leaflets etc come from.

Step 2) Simply ask, is it from a UK source, is it recyclable easily, can it be re-used and what is the final impact at the end of its life. Remember, longer life can be better than short use with recycling.

Step3) Can you use projector screens instead of banners? Can clever lighting be incorporated to differentiate the various events at the same Venue?

Step 4) How much waste will the event create? Can we re-use, recycle, re-model, up-cycle, re-fresh, re-surface, re-brand? Does it sound a bit hippy-ish? Not so, if you look for creative way of presenting it.

Step 5) Now add the cost of not wasting, clearing, reusing and storing. You might be very surprised!

If you wan to know more about how to create and communicate sustainability in your events, then I suggest you book your tickets for http://www.sustainableeventssummit.com/.

We are looking forward to the day.


SES 2014 Corporates Release 5 February

Think of questions

Sustainable Brands London 2013

Sustainable Innovation  – November 2013

It was quite an honor to be invited to chair some of the most inspiring people from across the channel and Atlantic. John Rooks was right when mentioned a critical point about measuring the gap between what you say and what you do. The smaller the gap, the better you are communicating about sustainability. He also mentioned about how science, technology and culture must be simulated into sustainability.

A really interesting discussion was started up by Pat van der Jagt and Roel During from Wagening University in The Netherlands. How can you not integrate social capital into your business models? The Business Model Canvas is good tool most new business planners, but it still puts the customer outside the panning box. It makes no sense if you do not include your customers in all your business planning. They are your Key partners, they are your Key resource, they have to be part of your Key activity, they are your value proposition (ask them what they want, don’t throw stuff at them), make them part of your channels, your cost is your customer and your assets are your customers. DO not ‘segment’ them.

Thank you to all who presented the wonderful papers you had been working on. The work still goes on.