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Our Story

When I have planned my personal events, I have tried to complement  each event with seasonal flowers, something I find inspiring. For me, I want beautiful flowers, without the heavy environmental footprint. Whilst they can look beautiful, traditional imported cut flowers are an environmental nightmare (intensive farming, CO2 emissions through air transportation, refrigeration and vast amount of waste) and are not something that I want to be associated with nor what I stand for. Instead, I created equally beautiful living displays using edible flowering plants, herbs/ edible leaves. After a few very successful private events where these arrangements were adorned,  Lettuce Flowers as a company was born.

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Seasonal, local and fresh   

Growing plants out of season is unnatural. Instead of forcing the right plants at the wrong time, we use seasonal plants to create ever-evolving designs. As a result, no two events look the same.

Each display uses edible plants, flowers and herbs, grown in this country. With our easy to carry handles on our recycled paper carrier bags, event guests can take the displays home and enjoy them on their window sills, or plant out the flowers and herbs and use them for weeks, months and in some cases, years to come.

Since all the best chefs work with their fresh ingredients, combining your menu with your floral arrangements is a natural next step. We have worked with chefs at some of the UK’s leading venues to create displays that compliment their delicious menus.

For further information about how we can help you to create your perfect event, including a free consultation, contact us on 01403784680/07976157726

Eat, plant, grow and compost

Benefits of using our arrangements

When you choose our edible flower arrangements for your event, you are promoting lasting growth. Our displays won’t wilt and die within hours or a few days – along with the memories of your event. Instead, they make wonderful gifts that your guests, sponsors or VIPs can take home and enjoy for weeks and months to come.

These arrangements reduce your event waste – the plant containers are fully compostable, easily recyclable, or re-usable – leaving you more time to put your feet up and bask in the success of your event.

We have an up to date food and hygiene certificate to enter commercial kitchens and provide garnishes through our chosen suppliers of edible flowers, micro herbs and salads. When the arrangements are complimented with garnishes on the food or cocktail drinks, it lifts the conversation and it is a great ice breaker.

Awaken the senses


Did you know that certain plants can clean up the indoor air? Dr. B C Wolverton was commissioned to a study for NASA and he found that some plants remove up to 87% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) every 24 hrs. We have not done any scientific studies on Lettuce Flowers displays, but we are very keen to work with Universities in the UK and exploring a few possibilities.

Have you noticed how green parks and small green spaces make a drab building more acceptable? Modern house builders will plant shrubs and lawn where they have dug up the earth for the foundations and create mounds and slopes to contain the site.

Historically, herbalists used rosemary to help concentrate the mind and lavender to calm the nerves. If you check the content of a headache roll on stick called 4head, it is lavender oil. Whenever possible, we will try and inform you about how edible plants can enhance your lives!

Jackie Stewart


Sir Jackie Stewart:  This is a man who left school at the age of 16 (undiagnosed Dylexia) and went onto become a world class F1 champion. His story is compelling to read and quite inspiring. His passion for cars and the sheer determination to succeed just shows, how for years he has been trying to get more females involved in the F1 world. One of his best quotes: “I would have been a much more popular World Champion if I had always said what people wanted to hear. I might have been dead, but definitely more popular.” We at Lettuce Flowers are doing something that is not populous but hope will change the way people use flowers amongst their food and at events. Our love for colour and flavour will always show through in our arrangements.


Simon Bottrel

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M. 07885 045 848

Jane Bellinger

Simon Bottrell:

This is our thanks to his input in our vision. He has been part of Lettuce Flowers from day one and has helped to create marketing and digital graphics. We were so lucky that he fully understood our concept and gave his full backing with his team of friends. Have a peak at some of his amazing achievements at 7creative.


Jane BellingerJane Bellinger

This superb Cordon Bleu trained chef was introduced to our edible arrangements and has consistently recommended us for private parties and celebrations. We feel very lucky to have discovered such a passionate person who will not cut corners and will only create her food from scratch. If you live in West Sussex, please try her food! Jane Bellinger

Charlie Groves' TrugsPARTNERS 

Charlie Groves: Using an age old craft, where off cuts of wood are split, de-barked, cut and steamed to create long lasting stunning looking trugs. This is recycling at its best and shows how skilled this craft of using coppiced wood can be made into objects of everyday use. See his creations.